Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Troy and Chase: Boyfriends Play With Sex Toys

We sent adorable YouTube couple Troy and Chase a box of goodies to do with as they pleased. Here's the ensuing video! Try not to rewind the first ten seconds over and over again!

If you like them, be sure to subscribe to the Troy and Chase YouTube Channel!

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Book Preview: Emotion by Photographer David Vance

Wonderful gay publishing house Bruno Gmünder has teamed up with photographer David Vance on a new 128 page photography book Emotion. The collection is an homage to the male physique in all its beauty and sensitivity. Vance's goal is to show how motion can evoke emotion. As you will see from the preview images, he does a great job of it.

Here's how Vance describes the project:
Emotion. The question is what does it make you feel when you experience the phenomenon of motion? At this point in my life I can actually get emotional watching beautiful movement. Dancers, athletes, acrobats, gymnasts … their grace, the fluidity, the strength and sense of total freedom can give me goosebumps and make my eyes water. That’s probably why I enjoy photographing these performance artists.
The book is called Emotion because motion and emotion are two of my favorite things to capture. The act of directing a particular action and seeing come to life is always thrilling.
Of course because we live in a relative world, every image you see here will not necessarily contain overt movement. Some images are seemingly still. In order to examine and appreciate motion it’s necessary to also show the contrast of non-motion. That being said, the truth is nothing is really completely motionless. To me even an image that appears perfectly still can be brimming with the inevitability of imminent movement. Everything is in constant flux, moving, albeit slowly, even imperceptibly. 
I’ve tried to capture images that show many kinds of motion from totally frozen in space and time to images that indicate movement with blur and the streaking of the light. Sometimes there is no apparent motion, but even in repose there is a sense of motion conveyed by the composition and visual dynamics of the image causing your eye to move around and through it. It’s almost as if you expect the eyes to blink or the head to turn. They may be still photos in the literal sense, but motion and emotions are products of your individual perception. We can step into the image and imagine what has just occurred or what is about to happen. 
Motion and Emotion. They are both constants in that they are always there. They are similar because neither is ever really still. They are constantly changing. Emotional images have the power to stir our empathy. They move us, so to speak. Who doesn’t have an emotional response to the beauty of motion, watching a dancer leap through the air as if suspended or an acrobat balancing on one hand in mid air? The force of movement is an emotional thing. Aggressive movement can make us feel fear or anger. More graceful or aesthetic movement can bring us to tears and clumsiness can cause us to laugh out loud. 
Emotion is what I feel when I make these images. It’s what I hope you experience looking at them.
Emotion is due out March 1st, In North America, you can order it at Amazon.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Nine "Interesting" Gay Valentine's Day Gifts Found on Etsy

So, love is in the air today! And what better place to find that special someone the right gift than on Etsy. Honestly, Etsy has a great deal of good quality,  charming handmade products. So, when you run across something that is a bit sketchy in nature, it tends to stick out like a sore thumb.

So, here are nine "interesting" choices from this year's crop of Etsy gifts found when using the search term "Gay Valentine." Enjoy.

#1) Penis Soap
While the craftsmanship is first rate, I am just not convinced anyone would actually purchase penis shaped soap, much less display it on a shelf in their living room. I do admire that they took the time to add clip art hearts to their photo.

#2) Gay Love Poppet
Comes with a personalized rune to bind you to the object of your affection! Show someone how much you care by mystically binding them to you for life.
Oh, and it comes with hand stitched penis!

"This poppet is roughly 6 inches tall, hand sewn using thread, stuffed with cotton and adorned with buttons, as well as a phallus, and sold as a curio only. Use it as a decoration, inspiration, or enchant it with your own magic to make it work for you."

And should your love fall apart, you can always stick pins in and use it as a voodoo doll!

I mean let's face it. It is still pretty cold in February.

#4) Personalized BBQ Sauce Gift Set

Slather me in your sauce, Daddy.

#5) Ride It. My Pony
"Nothing says I love you like a horse hunk underwear model." Set of 4 embossed, non-folding cards tied together with a ribbon! Each featuring a horse headed hunk.

#6) Penis Doll
While I cannot deny the allure of googly eyes, I do have to wonder if the creator has ever actually seen a penis.

#7) Powered by Lesbian Kisses T-Shirt
 I actually think this shirt is pretty great. Just wondering why they chose a male model.

If this doesn't get you laid on Valentine's Day, nothing will.

#9) Penis Butterfly Magnet

No refrigerator is complete without it! I am actually impressed they adorned it with bling!

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Class Comics Latest Release: The Walking Bed

So, Class Comics is back with another great erotic zombie thriller - The Walking Bed.  Originally published in French by creator ArtByFab, The Walking Bed is a terrifically fun parody of everyone's favorite Sunday night zombie show on AMC.

The plot follows survivors Erick and Glenn as they work their way through the zombie apocalypse. There is lots of fighting and gore. But rest assured, they find plenty of time for sex. Really, really graphic, hot sex.  It's 24 pages of sheer delight.

The Walking Bed is available as a digital download. Check it out HERE. And be sure to check out their other amazing zombie series Beautiful Dead.

***Click pic to enlarge.

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Underwear Model DanielxMiller Clones His Willy Live on Camera!!

We sent underwear model and YouTuber DanielxMiller a couple of Clone A Willy kits and told him to do whatever he wanted with them. Never did we expect that he would take his audience on a step by step live demonstration of the cloning process. Let's just say a lot of eggplant emojis were used in the filming of this video.

If you like Daniel, be sure to follow his YouTube Channel!

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Austin Wallis Presents: Gay Boy With Sex Toys!

We sent charming YouTuber Austin Wallis a box full of sex toys for his review and man did he go all out. He even makes a hilarious mini-commercial for Cobra Libre Head Stimulator!  Watch as Austin works his way though dildos, Fleshlights, lube, cock rings, and more! It's more than a little entertaining.

Be sure to subscribe to Austin's YouTube Channel!

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