Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Must Watch: AMIAS (2013) Short Film

Wonderful gay themed short film AMIAS has thankfully been released for public viewing after spending a year and half on the festival circuit. Written and Directed by Italian first time filmmaker John Giordano, AMIAS has been shown at numerous film fests throughout Europe and the US winning  Best Short Fiction at the 65th Montecatini Short Film Festival and the Audience Award at the Azores Fringe Festival.

The official synopsis is as follows:
Amias develops two subsequent relationships, one with Nina and the other one with Ariel. Only when his heart breaks twice, he realizes he has to look inside.
Its the journey of a boy from the priviledged point of view of his deepest unconscious.
The story catapults us into a dreamlike dimension somewhere between dream and reality, constantly torn between what is now, what was and what could be, not just for him but for each of us. A universal engaging theme but at the same time so intimate and private that by watching this short film one has the feeling of being elephants in a china shop breaking everything they touch within this delicate balanced triangle. A balance so precarious that it disintegrates in the moment of a race towards themselves, to nowhere, to the truth.
"Amias", he is what he seems to be, helpless and naked in front of us, he leaves the viewer free to get lost in the poetry that erupts in the images, from the composition of the shots to the gestures so simple yet so powerful. He allows thousands of different possibilities in interpreting the scenes.
AMIAS is way more fulfilling than most short films. At just nine minutes long, AMIAS is a quick watch that masterfully manipulates us into feeling like we have been part of a much longer film experience. It is very much worth your time.

Filmmaker John Giordano is currently in the early stages of his next short film A Deer Died Here and finishing up a Master’s Degree at the prestigious London Film School.

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