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Ultimate Gay Fighter: A Short Q&A With Creator Michael Patrick

In January, 2014, Handsome Woman Productions is making history by unleashing upon the world the very first gay fighting game - Ultimate Gay Fighter. The game will be available as an app for both Android and Apple products and features 10 gay combatants, each with unique super-moves, as well as 3 super powered bosses representing the League of Oppressive Self Righteous Zealots or LOSRZ for short.

Here's the premise:
In 2007 the first annual Gay Fight competition was held to find America’s most ruthless LGBT fighter. The contestants were narrowed down to the ten strongest, and the tournament took place in the fighters hometowns and local hangouts. The victor was muscle-queen porn star Josh Maxxx, however, three days after his title was won, he vanished. Now, ten new fighters are competing to win the title of Gay Fight champion. Little do the fighters know, there is something very ominous about the competition itself. The League of Oppresive Self-Righteous Zealouts have created the tournament for two reasons: make the LGBT community destroy itself and brainwash the winner to carry out the League’s nefarious plans.
Creator Michael Patrick confesses that UGF started as a joke between his friends at brunch. They had the hilarious idea to reenact all the fighting games they loved as kids, but with gay characters with varying lifestyles and interests. After doing some research and realizing no such game exists, Patrick was determined to create the very first game in this genre.

He explains, "I started thinking about how gays are represented in the media. We are the sickly ones, your sassy best friends, the funny ones, the ones who sing, and the ones who decorate your house, style your clothes, and do your hair. We are never the kick-ass fighters, the bad-asses who rescue you and save the day. And if we are, we are washed with heterosexual personas and mannerisms."

Sure, Ultimate Gay Fighter is campy and a bit over the top with its hilarious representations of the various gay stereotypes. But, it's with a point. Ultimate Gay Fighter wants you to be comfortable being who you are. Perhaps Michael Patrick sums this up best, "This game is my love letter to my gay family. You can be queeny, you can be butch, or you can be in-between. You can be any or all the bandana colors and the colors in the rainbow flag. But no matter what color, we are fighters. We are warriors. Now go out there and kick some ass."

Keeping this in mind, I set out to talk to Michael Patrick, fighting my way through secretaries and lackeys and publicists and yes men until I got to the big boss. Recognizing that I was indeed a fearsome foe, he agreed to answer a few quick questions.

 Q: What was your favorite fighting game growing up?
MP: Super Street Fighter 2 was by far my favorite. I thought the graphics were amazing when it came out and I loved the 4 new characters that were introduced.

Q: If you could have one super power what would it be?
MP: To make pizza magically appear before me when I am hungry. Can I also have pizza give me the same nutritional value and calorie amount as kale? If no, then I'll just to pizza magically appearing before me.

Q: What UGF characters didn't quite make it to the game?
MP: This character Heith Kitchen. He was supposed to be this kind of repressed, closeted business man who was a recovering alcoholic (I don't know why we added that aspect, but for some reason we thought it fleshed him out as a character), but we ended up replacing him with Gogo Gary. We thought he was more fun.

Q: Which fighter best represents you (and did you purposely draw it that way)?
MP: Hahaha, I have been every single character in that game, at one point or another, but more importantly they kind of were inspired by friends or people I would see on reality shows. The game was a labor of love to my friends who are much more clever and funny than I am.

Q: What other evil creations are you working on now?
MP: Promoting this for now! And watching the hate mail pour on in. But we have more many more fun ideas. Stay tuned!

Early rendition of  UGF Characters

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