Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Gay Comic Review: Deimos 10th Anniversary Special!

Everyone's favorite Taro Demon is turning 10! It's hard to believe this book has been around that long. Seems like only yesterday I stumbled across my first copy in my friend's bathroom. I didn't ask why it was in the bathroom. Some things are just better left alone.

Patrick Fillion created Deimos way back in 2004. Since then we have seen his oversexed antics, not to mention his oversized shlong, in pretty much every sexual situation imaginable. But, thanks to the wonderful work of Fillion, his exploits never seem to get tiring.

To celebrate this huge milestone, Class Comics called on the talents of artists Logan, Jacob Mott, Leon de Leon, Eric Mars, Butch McLogic and Patrick Fillion to collaborate on the DEIMOS: Tenth Anniversary Special. The special features new material and other artist's takes on our loveable lug.

Their press materials explain the new stories best:
Logan wrote and illustrated a short story called “Gab” in which Deimos meets a disgruntled angel freshly fallen from Heaven. Written by Fillion, and illustrated by Jacob Mott, “Cardinal’s Sin” demonstrates that perhaps Deimos’ guardian angel Cardinal doesn’t find him so reprehensible after all. Written by Fillion and illustrated by Leon de Leon, “Life is But a Dream” is a tale in which a Mirage Demon attempts to make Deimos forget he’s fighting a war by making him believe he’s a massively successful porn star living a normal life in a war-free world.
You can view some of the XXX preview pages on their website. Way too hot to show here. Also, they are including Fillion's short story Dead of Winter in the book as well as a couple of pull out pinups! Or, if you buy the digital version, there is a ton of extra bonus materials they couldn't include in the book.

For the $7 print edition price, you really can't go wrong. If you are a fan of adult comics, we highly recommend picking this one up!

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