Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gay Comic Geek Reviews: Poseidon-T Graphic Novel

Check out our favorite Gay Comic Geek reviewing Poseidon-T graphic novel by Franze. If you haven't checked out his YouTube channel, you probably should! Also, we have a great video of some of the artwork in Poseidon-T by Franze himself.

Here's the plot ...
Poseidon is the star of his rugby team, and the fans love him. Especially the young handsome Gonzales, dreaming of more than just a meeting with Poseidon. One day, while big game, his dream becomes a reality - but differently than expected - because aliens are attacking the world.

You may remember Franze from his work on graphic novel Black Wade. This time around, Franze tackles this story and illustrations without Black Wade writing partner Andärle. Refreshingly, Poseidon-T gives us much less sexual content and focuses much more on the wonderful story. It's rare to find a gay comic so well written.

The book is available through German publisher Bruno Gmunder. But, it might be cheaper and faster to get it through Amazon here in the US.

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