Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sex Toy of the Month: Colt Anal Trainer Kit!

It's time for Sex Toy of the Month! And this time out we have one of our all time best selling toys - The Colt Anal Trainer Kit! Absolutely perfect for the beginner. Slowly build up your tolerance with this 3 level kit or simply add variety to your backdoor pleasure regimen. All 3 toys are solid black and made from soft but sturdy rubber. The small size starts 4 inches long with a width of 1 inch. The medium is 4.5 inches long and has a 1.5 inch width. And finally the large is 5.5 inches long and sports a 2 inch width. These plugs are the ideal sex toy starter kit for all anal beginners. And, with the discount, they are dirt cheap and we pick up the shipping!

Here are some reviews from customers! Read them all HERE! Just click the reviews tab!
Surprisingly GOOD!
This is an excellent trainer set. I'm usually a top, but I consider myself to be "intermediate" in the anal-play area. The smallest plug: No problem. Kind of a warm-up. The Second Plug: Comfortable, easy ride that is more filling. The Third Plug: easy at first, then a challenge for me as it hit the full 2" mark. A really "filling" plug. Excellent for beginners who want to get into anal play. The graduating sized allow for slow, relaxed dilation. As with all plugs, don't spare the lube.
Third one's a charm!
Great tapered shape. Easy to clean. The two smaller plugs go in pretty easily, and slide out easily as well. The step up to the third plug is a bigger jump than the first two, but the ease of the smaller two made me think I could take it. And I did, with two tries, lots of lube and a slow pace. The fullness of the bigger one is so satisfying.
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