Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Must Watch: Lyon Hart "Falling For You" Music Video

On August 1st, musician Lyon Hart released the wonderful single "Falling For You." The accompanying video is a breathtaking thing of beauty. Choreographed by and starring Lonnie Poupard, Jr. and Kile Hotchkiss, and directed by Matt VanDaniker, the video follows the relationship of two men spiraling out of control, moving seamlessly between dance and narrative in thrilling transitions.

As a songwriter, Lyon Hart has written for a variety of artists including One Tree Hill and Dexter's Bethany Joy Lenz and Erin Willett (The Voice, Season 2). Also, indie powerhouses Noosa, EVVY, Jojee, Sound Remedy, Savoy, just to mention a few.

If you dig the video, be sure to check out Lyon Hart's Facebook, Twitter, and Website.

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