Friday, November 15, 2013

Can You Really Break Your Penis?

Most men have heard scary tales about accidentally bending one’s penis in the wrong way and having it break. There was even an episode of Grey’s Anatomy about this back in the day. But, is the broken penis real or just a myth, like Big Foot, or the female orgasm (just joking, don’t hate)? Unfortunately for us guys, it’s real. Yes, you really can break your penis.

The real name for the ailment is penile fracture. According to Dr. Hunter Wessells in a 2009 Scientific American article, “It is a severe form of bending injury to the erect penis that occurs when a membrane called the tunica albuginea tears. The tunica albuginea surrounds the corpora cavernosa, specialized spongy tissue in the core of the penis that fills up with blood during an erection. When the tunica albuginea tears, the blood that is normally confined to this space leaks out into other tissues. You get bruising and swelling.” There are pictures of this, but you probably don’t want to see. But, if you must, Click Here. WARNING: It’s gruesome.

If you experience a penile fracture, you can expect to hear a popping sound followed by severe pain and loss of erection. If this occurs, you should immediately seek medical attention. Most cases require surgery, though some may not.

The majority of cases are caused by thrusting into places that shouldn’t be thrust into. Like if you slip out and don’t realize it and just keep doing your thing. Chances are you might wind up bending yourself in a way that your penis just isn’t meant to bend. You can also tear the tunica albuginea trying crazy acrobatic sexual positions. Also, some men abuse themselves a bit too much while masturbating.

So, I guess the moral of the story is your boner only bends so far before it breaks. Unless you are looking for months of displeasure and possible surgery, be careful with your penis. It’s the only one you get.

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