Monday, November 11, 2013

Our 5 Favorite Gay Jockstraps!

Jockstraps. Love them or not, you have to admit they really frame a man's ass in a way that no other underwear can match. Not to mention how the perfectly cradle a man's package up front. Personally, they make me dream of men in pads, sweating it out on the field, ready for some much needed rest and relaxation when they get home. So, let's all sit back, let out a collective sigh, and enjoy the view as we go over our 5 favorite gay jockstraps on the website.

#1) The Footballer Lace-Up Jockstrap

With a super-wide waistband and heavy-duty front pouch lacing, the Jack Adams Footballer Lace-Up Gay Jockstrap gives the ultimate in support with a look that is unmistakably rugged and masculine. You’ll feel incredibly comfortable too with the thick knitted pouch that’s extremely soft and quality construction that makes this jock move with the body. This is a gay jockstrap that men will keep in their gym bag at all times. Also comes in sizzling red.  Want it? Get it for 25% off and Free Shipping at by entering code AMBLOG at checkout!

#2) Old School Jockstrap

Improving an old school favorite is not an easy task. However, Jack Adams has managed to do just that by taking the classic athletic jockstrap design and making it perfect for today’s man. The Old School Gay Jockstrap is the one piece of gay men's underwear everyone will find useful for all their athletic activities, and they’ll feel great wearing it too. The pouch is knitted just like the original, but Jack Adams has taken comfort to the next level by making this pouch thick and extremely soft. Meanwhile, the wide waistband---a staple of the old school jock---has been improved as well. Jack Adams made it a full 2.5 inches and included a softness missing from the old school version. Even the rear straps have been widened giving even greater support along with a nice lift. Together, the wide waistband and rear straps provide a snug fill and durability needed for a hard workout on or off the field. Plus, the stylish stripes further distinguish this as a new and improved take on a classic that men will find a must-have for their underwear collection. Also in grey and red. Act now, get 25% off and Free Shipping at by entering code AMBLOG at checkout!

#3) Varsity Jockstrap

The Jack Adams Varsity Mesh Gay Jockstrap is a sporty jock designed for active wear, but it feels so comfortable that it will quickly become a favorite for everyday wear too. Featuring pin striped trim, this jockstrap is made from a soft four-way stretch mesh material that wicks away moisture while hugging the body. Together with its ergonomic fit and convenient fly front, you’ll want a pair for every day of the week! 95% polyester and 5% Lycra. Color schemes include: White Black/, Black/White, Black/Yellow, Black/Red. Don't wait. Get one today for 25% off and Free Shipping at! Just enter code AMBLOG at checkout!

#4) Shadow Jockstrap

The rugged Jack Adams Shadow Gay Jockstrap makes a definitely masculine statement. It has a full pouch covered in a leather-like panel and a bold zipper front opening. Made from thick soft cotton fabric, this jock has a wide two-inch waistband and a drawstring, providing excellent support and a tough look. Made from 70% cotton, 15% polyester and 15% rubber. This dude is waiting for you to join him. Order one now at and get 25% off and Free Shipping. Enter code AMBLOG at checkout.

#5) Bodyflex Mesh Jockstrap
The Jack Adams BodyFlex Mesh Gay Jockstrap is the perfect performance jock for an active man who likes to feel sexy at the same time. With an ergonomic, body-conscious fit, it's made of an extremely soft four-way stretch mesh material that wicks away moisture while showing off a provocative hint of skin. This sporty gay jock is designed to move with the body and also features a fly front for easy access. Made of 95% polyester and 5% lycra. Want it? Buy it for 25% off and Free Shipping at! Enter code AMBLOG at checkout.

Again, if you act now, you can get 25% any of these gay men's jockstraps, or 50% Off almost any single sex toy plus Free Shipping on the site by entering code AMBLOG at checkout. A few items may not be eligible for discount, but all of the jockstraps are! Don't forget offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

-All pictures courtesy of JackAdamsUSA!

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