Monday, October 20, 2014

Book Preview: "Big Is Better 2" Erotic Graphic Novel

On November 1st, Bruno Gmünder is releasing the follow up to the 2013 hit graphic novel Big Is Better. Brilliant artist Song is back at the helm for the second installment. This time around writer XH4M is helping out with story and dialog. The plot still focuses on Sam, the tender, muscular giant, and Pete, the enormously well-endowed boy. In the first book, the two find each other despite being banished from the gay community and cast out by the world at large.

Big Is Better Vol. 1
In this new volume, we see more of the sinister world behind Sam's size, strength, and learn about a few of his other special powers. The book is filled with water tanks and holding cells full of muscle bound giants, each with slightly different attributes. Some have horns. Others wings. Others multiple genitalia. We meet the scientists behind the mutations along with the money man paying for the research (and a hint at his nefarious plans). 

Also, we get to see a lot of interaction between Sam and Pete. While eating dinner and hanging out with each other, Pete watches with a sense of foreboding as Sam 's mind seems to be far away as new powers manifest themselves. It is as if Sam goes into auto-pilot mode while someone else steers the ship. But, each time, Sam re-emerges from the dream like state and the two continue to feel drawn closer and closer to each other.

As this is an erotic graphic novel, there is some pretty strong sexual content. But, unlike many other graphic novels, Big Is Better 2 never loses sight that it is a story driven by plot and character development. The sex titillates and arouses for sure. There's tons of over-sized members to be seen. But, the sense of desire and longing between the characters makes it a bit more tender and endearing than the books where everyone is just doing each other just for the sake of doing it. 

Big is Better 2 is a pretty good read, even if you never read the first volume. You can preorder the hardback edition at the Bruno Gmünder website or here in the US via Amazon

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