Thursday, October 30, 2014

Reanimating Pop Culture: The Undead World of Lost Story Studios

Lost Story Studios is a band of artists and writers that was founded in 2009. Managed and maintained by Bo Fader, Jonas Britt, and Brockton McKinney, Lost Story puts out kickass comic books like Ehmm Theory (w/ Larkin Ford via Action Lab Comics), Death Curse, Zombie Dickheads, and Brother Nash. They have become a huge draw at comic-cons in the South East due to their uncanny ability to take any cartoon, superhero, or pop culture icon and turn them into a partially rotted, flesh eating zombie. Nothing is sacred. No one is safe. If you request it, they will kill it and bring it back to life with a penchant for brains.

Since Halloween is upon us, Lost Story was kind enough to let us share some of their artwork and photographs! If you ever get the chance to meet them in person, I highly recommend the experience. They are hilarious. In the meantime, you can visit them at their Website, Facebook, or maybe try their Podcast! Also, watch this adorable video of the guys from Free Comic Book Day 2014.

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