Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Book Preview: Photographer Mark Henderson's "Lap of Luxury"

Lap of Luxury, photographer and art historian Mark Henderson's upcoming coffee table book of the male form, is exquisite. This is perhaps the most mature, well thought out collection of photographs I have had the pleasure to experience. Henderson brilliantly uses natural lighting and well appointed surroundings to capture his models in a stunning and spectacular fashion. The preview images below are but a tip of the iceberg.

Lap of Luxury is Mark Henderson's seventh coffee table book. Some of his other titles include Luminosity, Household Idols, Suburban Pleasures, and Poolside. His work has also been featured in Men: Twenty Five Years in Photography and various anthology books published by Bruno Gmünder, including Beautiful Vision, Jewels, and Brief Encounters. There are a ton more, but the list would become far too long! Mark's work also appeared regularly in Men, Freshman, and Unzipped magazines, and my images have been featured in Männer, DNA, The Male Form, Display, Romeo and lots and lots of other publications.

Lap of Luxury is due out November 1st from German publishing house Bruno Gmünder. In the US, it might be easiest to preorder a copy from Amazon. If you'd like to learn more about Mark Henderson, check out his Website!

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