Sunday, March 20, 2016

Watch: Metropolitan Film Institute's Banned Gay Sex Commercial!

The Metropolitan Film Institute is run by director Matus The First and cinematographer Konstantin Minnich. They have made quite a few entertaining commercials on the subject of sexuality. However, this latest effort which they call Queer Sex Commerical, has managed to be completely banned from airwaves around the world.

In their own words:
Sex can be new and exciting, adventurous and amazing. But sometimes sex can become a routine. We decided to break this routine again and make a commercial that promotes sex (and thinking) in a colorful way. The first ever ‪Gay‬ Sex Commercial. We hope, we can give the ‪LGBT‬ community something to celebrate. Because sex is not just one pencil and one sharpener - there is so much more in between!
You can watch more of their delightful work at their website: Metropolitan Film Institute.

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