Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gay Comic Geek Reviews: Black Wade 'The Wild Side of Love' Graphic Novel

Check out our favorite Gay Comic Geek reviewing Black Wade: The Wild Side of Love X-rated graphic novel by Franze and Andärle. If you haven't checked out his YouTube channel, you probably should!

According to the press materials, the dreaded pirate Black Wade has a cruel mind and an explosive
sexuality. His legendary ruthlessness comes through an encounter with Jack Wilkins falter. The young English lieutenant has an impeccable character and a warm heart. Both are prisoners of their fate; overwhelmed by the passion they finally unite in the struggle for freedom and love. But, this story goes far beyond this over simplistic explanation. The art is vibrant and lush. Some of the best we have ever seen in this genre.

Franze and Andärle are actually illustrators of comics and books for young people. Now the two Italians have tried on her first homoerotic project.Their style - refined and very carefully in detail - puts much emphasis on the description of the atmosphere and environment. Thus, the people and their story seem real, the reader can put themselves directly in the action. With a lot of sense for the adventurer in us Franze and Andärle draw us into a world full of explosive passion and wild feeling.You can learn more about them at Jimbocomics.

The book is available through German publisher Bruno Gmunder, but it might be cheaper and faster to get it via here in the US.

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