Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Coming Soon: Killer Queen Comic Anthology + Win a Freddie Mercury On A Flying Tiger Print by Bridgit Connell!

We have been champing at the bit to bring you complete details on this for months. On October 8th, at the NY Comic Con, Red Stylo Media is debuting Killer Queen: A Comic Anthology - a collection of original comic art, inspired by the discography of the greatest band in Rock-n-Royalty, QUEEN! With story titles like "Som Bot-D To Love," “Captain Thunder and The Champions,” and “Fahrenheit Falling,”  we cannot wait to read what is in store. The comics are not a simple retelling of the story-lines in the individual songs, but rather a brand new companion creation that, according to their press materials, "takes us someplace completely cool and new."

But, you don't have to wait all the way until Oct. 8th!  Starting August 27th, and every two weeks after that, Red Stylo is going to start making select stories available for individual download over at their site Each story will include digital extras such as art, scripts, and notes from the artists, as well as a collection of vignettes and art from other creators around the world! For the complete roll out schedule, CLICK HERE.

Red Stylo Media editor-in-chief Enrica Jang was kind enough to patiently answer our fan boy questions about the project!

Q: This is a brilliant idea! What was the eureka moment that led
you to make it a reality?
Enrica: Brilliant? Thank you! Queen is brilliant, not me. The "eureka" was kind of fitting, actually. All of Red Stylo's anthologies to date have been literary in theme. And then there was a point we were mulling over doing more historical/literary themes because we felt we had to, rather than wanted to. I mean, I was a literature major in college, so the love is of course there, but after three years, it was time to... BREAK FREE! So the idea of completely switching gears and doing a rock antho was fun, exciting, different, and even a little risky because we are still building a brand as a company.

Ultimately, though, the core of all the collections we've done is that the stories and art are inspired by the source material, whatever it may be--we never do direct adaptations. As creators we look to music, literature, other art to push us and take us in new exciting directions. Rock is all about that. Queen is most definitely about that. It all just came together perfectly.

Q:  What is your personal favorite Queen song?
Enrica: Personal favorite is "I Want It All". Because I do.

Q: Have you heard from anyone at the Queen camp?
No, but I have care packages ready for some key people and we hope they accept our humble offering as tribute.

Q: Anyone surprise you with the song they selected for inspiration?
Enrica: I was surprised how many people went for "Hangman." I guess the imagery is strong there, and so many people pitched ideas for it. I was pleasantly surprised when someone chose "It's Late", and the story itself is very nostalgic and sweet.

Q: Was there a song that you thought for sure someone would jump on that was not chosen?
Enrica: I was braced for a flood of "Bohemian Rhapsody" and I took to Twitter and started making chicken noises because no one sent a pitch without prompting. In the end we did get some good pitches, but the ideas for vignettes were much stronger and we went with those instead.

Q: Any ideas on what anthology to do next?
Enrica: Oh, I know exactly what we're doing next year! And it's gonna be gooood. Only thing I can say is it will be another Rock theme. We announce the anthology theme January 1 every year, along with open call for both artists and writers to pitch. Folks can sign up for our newsletter if they want an email reminder for when to pitch.

Scroll all the way down for details on the Freddie Mercury On A Flying Tiger print give-away!

Linework from artist Laura Guzzo for “Bicycle, Bicycle, Bicycle”

Page 1 from “Fahrenheit Falling”, story by Brockton McKinney, art by Bridgit Connell. Inspired by the life and times of Agent Freddie Mercury
Inked page from, “Lazy Sunday,” art by Cloidhna Ztoical, written by Josh Hechinger. inspired by “Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon."

Space whale design from “Princes of the Universe”, story by Jon James, art by Kelly Williams. Inspired by the song of the same name.

Color page from “Best Friends”, story by Kenneth Whitfield, art from David Ryan Lompe. Inspired by “Best Friend”

And as a special bonus, enter our give-away for a chance to win an 11x17 Freddie Mercury on a Flying Tiger print from Killer Queen Anthology contributor Bridgit Connell! 

Winner Announced 8/13/14

**Winner will be announced August 13th and contacted via email. We will not give your contact info out to anyone nor use it for anything other than the purposes of this contest. 

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