Saturday, November 29, 2014

Must Watch: "Trannysnatchers" Cult Movie Finally Gets a Streaming Release!

Trannysnatchers is the most wonderfully fucked up, magically inappropriate gay horror comedy ever made. I am serious. This shit is so over the top bat shit crazy that you won't stop smiling and saying "what the fuck am I watching" out loud. If you like bizarre B movies, you kinda have to watch this. Actually, I suggest gathering a group of like minded friends, having a few cocktails, and making an event of it.

So, from what I can gather by the limited info about the movie online, Trannysnatchers was filmed and released in the Portland, OR area in 2011/2012 by a group of performers/musicians whose experience prior to undertaking a full length movie included making home made short films and producing conceptual dance performances at local theatres. One of the film's producer/directors Caedmonster explained to entertainment magazine Willamette Week, "We kept saying, throughout the process of making this movie, that it was basically a valentine to gay kids in Kansas who feel alone and don’t think there’s anybody that’s like them or thinks like them."

Here's the Trannysnatchers official synopsis:

Outside a small, typical American town, an elusive cult of demon worshiping gender queer assassins live in infamy, awaiting the day their savior will return to Earth & end the Gender Binary. The Trannysnatchers live on a compound beyond the fringe of society and earn their living the hard way: putting an end to those who trample on the weak and oppressed. But the youngest of the group, Ginger, has grown anxious about her life, having been selected as the chosen one who will bring about the destruction of gender. When she decides to run away, she unknowingly sets into motion the very fate she is trying to escape...
The Trannysnatchers lure their victims in an variety of hysterical manners, let's just say at one point a puppet show is involved. There is also a jaw dropping home sex change operation using household utensils and a hacksaw that is one of the craziest scenes I have ever seen in a movie. The post sex change shenanigans take an already insane scene and send it even further into crazy town. It's really not to be missed. The movie is just full of wonderful atrocities: blow up doll suits, witch doctors and oracles, creepy babies, and a chainsaw wielding tranny in a jack-o-lantern mask. And that is just a tiny fraction of what makes this film so great.

Recently, the Trannysnatchers gang finally placed the movie on Vimeo On Demand for the whole world to enjoy. Click the link below to go to the site. But, while talking to Caedmonster about the movie, he told us the first 100 or so people can use the discount code happyhalloween to rent the movie for $2 instead of the already cheap price of $4.

Enjoy! And don't say we didn't warn you!

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