Saturday, April 25, 2015

Love Your Condom's Sexy "Gear Up" Campaign Uses Hunky Athletes To Promote Safe Sex

New Zealand non-profit Love Your Condom has created a pretty hot video campaign using hunky athletes to help promote self sex. But, they don't stop there. They also give away free condoms and lube, have many instructional videos on how to enjoy anal sex utilizing condoms for both beginners and those a bit more advanced, and they have funny videos where cute guys try to make balloon animals out of condoms or have shirtless condom water balloon fights. It's all really well made and tackles the subject matter with a sense of whimsy often missing in their non-profit counterparts here in the US.

Here's their mission:
Love Your Condom is a community-focused programme designed to create a condom culture across Aotearoa New Zealand. LYC encourages all gay and bi guys to use condoms and lube every time they have sex. Love Your Condom is about moving us past all those lame excuses not to be safe, and inspires us to not just tolerate, but love the sexy confidence that comes with condom covered cocks.

LYC recognises that gay and bisexual men, the people most at risk of HIV, are influenced by their partners, whānau, friends, colleagues, employers and the environment in which they live. While it is essential that LYC reaches and affects all gay and bi guys living in New Zealand, it is also necessary to reach the people who can support, influence and enable gay and bisexual men to use condoms and lube every time they have anal sex.

“We aim to develop a society where it’s socially acceptable to talk to any other New Zealander, but especially those who are most at risk of HIV, about using condoms. Inherent in a condom culture is the attitude that it’s socially unacceptable to ask someone for unsafe sex and anyone who’s asked will have the knowledge and confidence they need to say no” (Nick Laing, General Manager, New Zealand AIDS Foundation).

Watch the entire GEAR UP series of videos below! You can also be their pal on Facebook!

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