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Read: "Slave Boys" Another Fun Gay Erotic Story Compilation Edited by Winston Gieseke

Publishing house Bruno Gmünder is at it again with a new gay erotic short story compilation Slave Boys. And, once again, it is edited and compiled by The Advocates former managing editor Winston Gieseke. You might remember last October when we posted about their previous story collaboration Out Of Uniform.

Gieseke has had a long and hilariously wonderful jack of all trades career mixing his ability to write with his ability to perform. Beginning his career as a television writer, Winston Gieseke penned episodes for shows like Wildfire and Hollywood Off-Ramp. He has composed tantalizing copy for various adult entertainment companies and served as editor in chief of both Men and Freshmen magazines before honing his journalistic skills as managing editor of The Advocate. He has also edited numerous other Erotic Story compilations including Team Players, Hired Hands, and Until the Sun Rises Gay Vampire Erotica. I encourage you to learn more about Winston at his charmingly amusing website.

This time around, Gieseke tackles the fantasy theme of light bondage and submission. In the book's introduction he quips, "Being a slave boy means always having to say you’re sorry. Because even if something’s not your fault, you’re certain to be punished for it. And that’s a good thing."

Here's more from the intro:
Not all the stories contained herein are bondage-based; a slave can take on many forms. While some of the subs written about are into physical restraint, others enjoy a purely mental thralldom.

A fed-up man exacts payment from a handsome but delinquent tenant by “forcing” him into sexual servitude in Rob Rosen’s “Roommate Troubles.” A cop with a predilection for submissiveness gets roughed up after a routine traffic stop in Brett Lockhard’s “Police Brutality.” 
Some stories feature strangers who go from slaves to faves—such as J.R. Haney’s “My Newest Pledge,” Roger Willoughby’s “Cleaner Slave,” and Ryan Field’s “Jersey Jacks”—while others depict slave action being introduced as a way of spicing up an existing relationship, usually to unexpected results (see Joe Thompson’s “Three Unsafe Words” and Chip Masterson’s “A Great Selling Point”). Crushing on a seemingly unattainable straight guy? Sometimes the only way they’ll let you have them is in a dom-sub sitch—with you as the dom, of course. But the crushing gay guys depicted here, like Bradford in Jeffrey Hartinger’s “Last Day of Class” and Jimmy in Natty Soltesz’s “Cooked,” seem to relish their roles as impromptu slaves at the inviting hands of their long-obsessed-over hunk masters. (Want the roles reversed? Check out P.A. Friday’s “Pretty Little Straight Boy,” in which a young womanizer suddenly finds himself so desirous of his gay best mate that he allows the guy to boss him around and rough him up good. Hot.)
Regardless if you are into slave play in your real sex life or not, there is plenty of titillating sexual content in these stories to get you going. It's certainly fun reading, even if these fantasies are something you never intend to act out on your own. 

You can check it out at the Bruno Gmünder site or here in the US at Amazon. Read below of an excerpt!

Weekend at the Lake
by T. Hitman

There were four of us in all, four of us guilty of the crime. I’ll call the ringleader “Flash,” because he was the dude with the camera. Flash was tall and handsome to the point it almost hurt to look at him directly, like staring at the sun. Short dark hair, eyes halfway between blue and gray that lacked mercy, he wore jeans, old boots on big feet, hadn’t shaved. A real man’s man, probably ex-military if I had to guess. They all were, according to the inked muscles I saw that first night, Friday.

Next was “Evan.” He was Evan because he reminded me of a college buddy I knew who played on the baseball team. A real jock, Evan-then wore his hair one length longer than most athletes. Not shaggy, really. Just wild enough to make you lust for the chance at hot, meaningless sex with him. I had that with Evan-then a few times after he got shitfaced at a party and staggered into our dorm room, moody and horny for something different. Something he wanted but seldom had the balls to demand from life when sober. Evan-now did. He was a fucking animal about it, in fact.

The third dude, I’ll call him “Dad.” That’s how Evan referred to him, just after we cornered Ryan in the men’s head. Dad stood above the six-foot mark like the rest of them. The rest of us. He had a neat
buzz-cut of dark hair going silver at the edges and two of the biggest, low-swinging nuts a man could be blessed to claim as his own. You looked at the fucker and figured he’d place on anyone’s Hottest Top
Ten Studs list, no matter who conducted the poll. I don’t know if there was more to the relationship between Dad, Evan, and Flash beyond what I’ve so far told you. There’s so much about that weekend that’s still a mystery, even to me.

                                                                         ( the book to read the rest!)

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