Thursday, May 22, 2014

Monica Byrne's "Tarantino's Yellow Speedo" LGBT Play Debuts in Durham, NC

Writer/Playwright Monica Byrne's latest creation Tarantino's Yellow Speedo gets it's world debut May 22nd at the Manbites Dog Theatre in Durham, NC! Byrne is well known for her play What Every Girl Should Know featuring the music of Amanda Palmer. Also, her debut novel The Girl in the Road just came out this week, too!

Here's the plot in a nutshell:
A hyper-sensually deep comedy about borders between bodies and nations. Set in the Olympic Village, a cell of international athletes train to become an elite task force of sexual operatives determined to bring down the divisions between countries. Young and just married, American trap shooters Mia and Khala must negotiate a new world order that threatens to devour everything they ever learned about love and commitment.
But to truly understand the inspiration and deeper meaning behind Taratino's Yellow Speedo, you absolutely have to read this article Byrne wrote  in 2012, It explains the back story and the significance of Arturo Tarantino and his famed yellow speedo.

Taratnino's Yellow Speedo is being performed by Little Green Pig Theatre Concern under the direction of Jay O’Berski. The run is from May 22nd - June 7th. The play features nudity and strong adult themes!
Just watch the NSFW poly-sexual trailer below!

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