Monday, February 16, 2015

Scott G Brooks "Inappropriate Nature" Solo Art Show Opens in NYC Feb. 21st!

Wonderful painter Scott G. Brooks has a new art show opening Feb. 21st at NYC's Last Rites Gallery!  “Inappropriate Nature” is Brooks’s most ambitious series yet and uses dark humor to deal with the controversial subject matters of war and sex.

The press materials describe Brooks' work far better than we ever could:
Brooks creates a world where humans, animals, and technology are in equal standing to one another. An investigation of the morals and rules humans impose on themselves and the hypocrisy surrounding these societal credos are addressed through his ubiquitous dark sense of humor and poignantly realistic topics of controversy. Human beings often separate themselves from other living creatures due to their more cognitively advanced brains and laws of civilization. Despite this, they still engage in their most natural and base instincts in common with the animal kingdom as a means of pleasure and survival, and they lace such acts with prejudice, hypocrisy, and social isolation.
Originally from Flint, Scott attended Univ. of Michigan's main campus in Ann Arbor. He and his partner currently live in Washington, D.C. In addition to exhibiting in galleries, he has illustrated several children's books and many covers for DC’s Metro Weekly. Brooks’s early influences include Mad Magazine, Disney, and Saturday morning cartoons. His work has been exhibited in LA, DC, NY, as well as internationally in Italy, Australia, and the UK.

Why the name "Inappropriate Nature?" Brooks explains, "As a gay man, I have been labeled by many as "Inappropriate" my entire life. By default my work has also been suspect. I learned long ago that I couldn't control this, and instead embraced the fact that I, and my work, didn't always fit in. Because of this I have never felt the need to create work that was mainstream or aligned with any preconceived notions of what art is. While I strive for beauty in the execution of the work, the subjects and themes reflect ideas and "nature" that may not be aesthetically pleasing to some."

If you don't live in New York and cannot attend the show in person, we suggest checking out Scott's Website. Also, Last Rites Gallery will have images from the show on their website.

The opening reception for "Inappropriate Nature" is Saturday, February 21at from 7-11pm. Scott Brooks will be in attendance. Last Rites Gallery is located at 325 West 38th St, #1, NY, NY 10018.

mixed media drawing on paper
11" x 16"

"Monsters of War”
40" x 40"

"Admit One”
24" x 24"

"Strategic Negotiations”
30" x 40"

"The Wounded Sparrow”
30" x 40"
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