Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The 10 Most "Interesting" Gay Valentine's Day Gifts on Etsy!

So, it's Valentine's Day! Time to let our inner romantics out and ply our loved ones with tokens of affection and remind them just how very special they are to us! What better way to express our love and devotion than with a handcrafted gift that comes from the heart? We did a search on Etsy for "gay valentine" and here's the 10 most "interesting" selections that came up! Perhaps one is right for your true love.

#1) MATURE MALE a sugar daddy..he is 18 inches in height beige yarn..totally nude..with coin eyes a plastic nose and a big penis.

#2) MENS PENIS SLIPPER soft and comfortable terry slip on. chocolate brown with stand up crocheted penis.

#3) You're My Hole World

#4) Dragon Red Yoni Sculpture

#5) PENIS POLICE plushie big boy over a foot tall..aviator glasses..badge and handcuffs

#6) Pride Rainbow Chains scarf 

#7) 'You Tickle My Pickle' Men's Boxer Short Valentines Day Gift Idea

#8) BLUE PENIS CUP...this beautiful diners cup is midnight blue..holds 12 ozs of liquid and has a handpainted metallic gold penis and hearts

#9) BIG FLAMING PENIS...great big and soft square pillow..crocheted in red , edged in white gray and black yarn..ruffle..10 inch penis on top

#10) The Smiths / Morrissey Card - The Morrissey you the Marr I like you

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