Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Special Sneak Peak: Class Comics' Scared Stiff

Just in time for Halloween, Class Comics is releasing its sex filled, spooktacular trilogy of terror Scared Stiff. And I gotta, say, it's pretty damn great. Artist Michael Broderick teams up with R. Tyler to bring us three supernatural tales a la Tales From the Crypt, but, you know, with some hot man on man action.

The stories include "Defiled," "Recent Acquisition," and "Kevin." In "Defiled," some friends are vacationing on a beautiful tropical island, when one disappears into the jungle and meets up with an ancient deity that shows him the most erotic night of his life. "Recent Acquisition" takes us to a security guard working the night shift at a museum when he notices something strange about a new painting. Finally, "Kevin" is a sexy take on the classic tale of the ghostly late night hitch hiker. If only such things could happen to me.

Honestly, from art to storyline to final execution, Scared Stiff is one of my favorite publications from Class Comics. It's a quick, fun read that is totally worth spending a your money on. If you have to, skip your daily trip to Starbucks or forgo the fast food for a day. Do whatever it takes to make Scared Stiff part of your comic collection.

It's coming out soon! Keep checking in at Class Comics for the actual release date.

Oh...and this delighted everyone at the office! A throw back to the ads that used to be a staple in the back of all comic books when I was a kid!

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