Thursday, July 10, 2014

Watch: Broke Straight Boys Reality Series Trailer

So, the fellows over at Broke Straight Boys have decided to make a reality series based on some of their "Gay For Pay" cast and crew members hanging out in the house of Broke Straight Boys owner Mark Erickson while they are in town to film their scenes. The show is non-sexually explicit and will air on the website They just released a trailer/teaser full of buff young men boxing, playing paint ball, acting rowdy and getting in each other's faces. Their girlfriends also enjoy a few fleeting seconds of screen time. We are reserving judgement until the actual series airs towards the end of 2014. No official air date has been released yet.

Here's their official synopsis:
Broke Straight Boys is a reality-based docu-series that explores the world of “Gay for Pay,” a term used to describe when straight men do gay porn for money. The show focuses on the people involved in this taboo and unconventional lifestyle, exploring the dynamic relationships between the owner of BluMedia, Mark Erickson, his business staff and the young men who choose to do gay porn to supplement their income by performing for the adult website,

As part of his business model, every month Mark houses a select number of these straight young men in his multi-million dollar mansion while they do scenes at a nearby studio for his website. In his words, “They’re a hot mess and I can keep my eye on them when they’re in the house.” What comes of that is an ideal situation for a television series, with the proximity of all of these unique individuals, their engaging life stories, inflammatory personalities and disparate reasons for being there colliding, creating drama, alliances, jealousy, hilarity, and sheer reality unlike anyone’s ever seen.

As dysfunctional a family as you will ever find, this group of colorful characters keep you mesmerized at every moment. From seeing them rehearse scenes in the studio to hearing their unbelievable perspective on life, money and the pursuit of porn, you won’t be able to look away, even when you want to. Broke Straight Boys has taken the reality genre to a new level and you’ll never want to come down.

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